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“How did that happen?”

We’ve all heard that line before.  We’ve all said it, too!  Whether it’s another birthday, a new year or kids suddenly leaving the nest, tempus fugit.  And, as time passes, it is prudent to take inventory of where we’ve been and use that knowledge to guide us through our future.

At Venomous Consulting, LLC we’ve seen countless examples of frustrated and anxious business owners and managers sitting around the table in December attempting to establish goals for the coming year.  The problems are:

  1.  They have sales data on which to reflect and examine the past 12 months, but they have no idea of WHY business was up or down.  What were the roadblocks or catalysts to the prior year’s productivity?
  2. They don’t know if their greatest issues are internal, external or a combination of both. You certainly don’t want to “fix” the wrong problem.
  3. How can they realistically create attainable goals for the next year without all of the information?  They can’t.  But, this happens more often than not and sets everyone on the team (and ownership or shareholders) up for failure.  Imagine planning for failure!

Rather than depending on the Magic 8 Ball or gut, the responsible and sensible approach is to truly take that inventory of where you’ve been, how you got there and what elements where in play along the way.  Only when you are armed with this critical information can you create a defined and attainable set of goals for your company’s future.

How do you solve this problem?

How would you do it for your company?  What tools would you use?




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