GT500 Personal Performance Plans


If you could hire a golf pro to personally help you reach your goal for just $249 would you do it?  Of course you would!

Imagine walking into a corner bar (Facebook) with a 7 iron and proudly stating-


Sound familiar?  That’s Facebook, today’s instant gratification version of enthusiast forums.  It’s the world’s corner bar, filled with experts.  Which power adder, fuel injectors, headers, tuner, suspension, seat belts, etc?  Trust me, you’ll get answers.  Lots of them, right or wrong.

How do you wade through this sea of misinformation?  Hire a Pro.  Now, you can do just that for just $249.00

My Personal Performance Plan is $249.00.  Here’s why it’s worth it:

  1.  Part One. We discuss your current mods, goals, usage and of course, budget.   I provide you with a written synopsis of our discussion along with a parts list, part numbers, trusted vendors where you can buy your parts (do they have stock? Do they ship quickly? How is there customer support? Are they competitively priced?  If they’re the cheapest, run.)
  2.  Part Two of the plan is providing you with the best custom calibrator for your   particular configuration.
  3.  Part Three is a written “best practices” for those of you that are DIY folks.  It tells you how to work more efficiently and get you on the road asap.
  4.  Finally, regardless of who tunes your car, I will give you a second set of expert eyes on your datalog.  Not to second guess your calibrator, but as a resource that can help put it into English for you.

You may save my fee simply by purchasing the correct parts the first time!  You most certainly will save it in the time you don’t have to spend scouring the Internet.

Call us today to order your Personal Performance Plan or order now via PayPal or credit card above. (352) 800-4407

Know why to buy.  Know what to buy and how to make it work for you.  The first time.  Oh, and I do not accept advertising from anyone, so you get real world experience with no strings attached.  It’s your own Consumer Reports for your car.  No advertising.  No hype.  Just facts.

Venomous Tuning. As part of your Personal Performance Plan, we will offer you a few choices for calibrations and custom tuning. Upon your request, we’d be honored to supply you with our details as well.

About me:

I have owned, modded, raced and custom tuned my 2007 GT500 for 11 years.  In that time, the infamous “Christine” has been an R&D and marketing platform for Ford Racing, Lund Racing, VMP Performance, Paul’s High Performance, Bogart Racing Wheels, Dynatech, JLT Performance, AFCO, ProGlas, Billet Pro Shop, Maximum Motorsports and many more.  She makes over 1,000 horsepower and is still my daily driver.  I have been an enthusiast’s resource for,,, numerous Facebook groups and more over this past decade.  I’ve modded tons of 2007-2014 GT500s and can tell you exactly what works, what doesn’t and why.

I am a SCT Certified Calibrator with recognition from SCT Advantage University and The Tuning School for SCT and HP Tuners software.

Order your Personal Performance Plan now via PayPal or credit card at the top of this page and let’s get moving!

(352) 800-4407