Venomous Tuning by BJ McCarty

Venomous Tuning.  From $299.00

With over 1,000 horsepower from our Whipple Supercharged GT500 as one of our R&D platforms, we know what a rush feels like!

Venomous Tuning uses the latest SCT and HP Tuners software and tuning devices to deliver the power you need with the press of a few buttons.

What makes us different?  Customer Service, plain and simple.

Venomous Tuning is a one-on-one experience.  You talk with the calibrator. Nothing takes the place of a personal phone conversation or a face-to-face so you can have full confidence in the process from start to finish.  OUR TUNES ARE 100% CUSTOM AND BUILT FOR YOU FROM THE GROUND UP. THAT MEANS YOU’LL BE DATALOGGING.  PLEASE CLICK HERE TO READ THE DATALOGGING AND EQUIPMENT LIST THAT IS MANDATORY TO USE OUR CUSTOM TUNING SERVICES.

We strive to be “everything to a select few”.  We limit the number of tuning customers we have at any time so we can fully concentrate on and communicate with you!  No “help desk” here. 

Stage 1 custom tuning starts at just $299.00.  Stage 1 is for stock and lightly modded Ford cars and trucks.  Stage 1 mods may include injectors, cold air intakes, twin bore throttle bodies, headers and pulley.

Stage 2 tuning starts at $499.00 and is for vehicles with one or more of the following:  Aftermarket superchargers, turbos, cams, large bore monoblade throttle bodies, return style fuel systems or cold air intakes larger than 130mm. Stage 2 also includes the 2020 GT500 with its factory Eaton 2.65L supercharger.

Stage 3 tuning begins at $599.00 and includes engine swaps, auto conversions and most Stage 2 tunes that may also want or need a remote dyno session.

Buy Stage 1 online now with credit card or PayPal for just $299.00

Stage 2 OR 3 requires a telephone consultation and is not available for online purchase. 

Custom tuning customers must read and sign our Venomous Release prior to the use of our custom calibrations.  There are no refunds for any reason for all or part of any fees paid for custom tuning once the initial base file has been received. 

Need a new SCT tuning device? 

SCT’s BDX (shown) has wi-fi so  you can download custom tunes from the Cloud as well as uploading datalogs to us without the use of a laptop!  A sleek, new look; on-screen virtual gauges, datalogging, includes SCT pre-loaded tunes for many late model Ford gasoline cars and trucks.

For GT500 and Mustang we also recommend the venerable 7015 X4 device.  The X4 is the benchmark

Model 40490 SCT BDX or 7015 X4 device  $399.99 shipped to continental US.  Order here.  We will contact you after you order and confirm which device you wish to choose. 

Call us today at (352) 800-4407 or by email at

Venomous Tuning

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