To Tell The Truth (1956- )

It was a simple and innocent (enough) concept for a game show.  A panel of celebrities would question three contestants, all posing as the same person.  They were all “John Doe, a movie stuntman” or some other oddball vocation.  The battery of questions was designed so the panel members could figure out who was the “real John”. The winning contestant was the one that person who could fool the panel and keep them from guessing their true identity.  The show has been on and off the air for 60 years, with a variety of hosts including Alex Trebek, baseball legend Joe Garagiola, football great Lynn Swann, John O’Hurley (of multiple sitcom and dog show fame) and now Anthony Anderson.  That’s not the whole list!

Sadly, lying for fun and prizes sounds like an easy game to play, doesn’t it?  Is there a difference between a little white lie and any other manipulation of facts?

So, what it is that is compelling about getting away with something?  Does it give us a sense of one-upmanship?

A simple web search of a few key words produced a literal Psychology 101 in getting the best of someone else.  So, whether it’s “mean tweets”, twisting the facts to put ourselves in an elevated position (or to belittle someone else), delay a negative judgement toward us or just simply refusing to deal with reality, words matter.

I really can’t remember from whom I first heard this, but I know we hold to this tightly in our home; “If you tell the truth, you never have to remember what you said.” 

Another quick web search brought up Pinterest and there it was….our family’s “truth” right there, big and proud.

Think about the truth the next time you listen to or watch a newscast, read an article on your smartphone or simply overhear a conversation in a social setting.  What are the facts?  How can facts, when not presented with clarity, be misconstrued.

Be honest.  Be genuine.  Be yourself.

Words matter.


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