Our Consulting Services

Q.     What kinds of business can benefit from your consulting services?

A.     Any business that wants to work more efficiently with focus and purpose.   Any business that wants to minimize roadblocks and maximize revenue.

Q.     I hear about strategic planning all the time.  What does it actually mean?

A.     First of all, you need structure for your strategic planning session.  That means you need an experienced moderator and leader to keep your awesome communications forum from turning into a free-for-all.  You need a proven framework for your meeting to keep it on track, help you turn a flood of information into an actionable plan with which to move forward.  You’ll walk away from a Venomous Consulting Strategic Planning Session with clearly stated goals, strategies with which to attack them and tactics  and timelines to make your plan easy to follow and benchmarks to which you hold yourself and your team accountable.

Q.     I’m confused.  Aren’t advertising, marketing and branding pretty much the same thing?  

A.     Great question.  In a word, no.  How many times have you seen a product or service “advertised” and walked away with no idea what it is that they offer?  Even with all the guidance available today, it still happens.  There is an old adage that states “There is nothing that will destroy a bad product more quickly than advertising it!”  True story.  And that is why it’s critical to know to whom you are marketing, what you are marketing and why you are marketing it right now.  We’ll show you the importance of “find a problem and solve it” in order to create value to your customers.  Your marketing efforts need a foundation and that’s why our marketing follows a Strategic Study in order to establish your targets and weapons.

Branding.  It’s simple yet the steepest mountain to scale.  Branding is the imprinting of your message into the minds of your target consumer in such a manner that you are always the first company or service they recall when they need to solve a problem.  In the days of grabbing the Yellow Pages, the plumber that you called generally had the biggest ad or was the one that was smart enough to name themselves “AAAAAAA Plumber”.  Those days are gone.  There are hundreds, if not thousands of messages attacking and fighting for top of mind awareness every day.  Let’s use the example of needing a new set of tires for your car.  What is the first place you think of when you need tires?  Why was this the first place?  What problem do they solve for you and how can they do it better than the other 999 options at this very moment? That’s BRANDING.

Q.     This sounds really expensive.  I don’t have a budget for anything like this!

A.     Historically, it has been.  But like any technology, time makes it cost less or there is value added.  You’ll find that we are a balance of both.

(Think 50″ TVs and the newest smartphone.  A 50″ TV can be had for around $500.  The newest smartphone is twice that!!  Why?  Because the TVs are built to a price point and the phone is built to a value standard that allows them to command and get that premium price!)

Call us and let’s discuss just how cost efficient our programs can be.  You may just find that you can’t afford not to include this level of planning for your company’s future.  Whether you had a great year or a bad one, you need to know why, how to capitalize on opportunities, engage efficiencies and put your revenue plan into high gear.

Personalized service and outstanding guidance.

Q.     What does the car thing have to do with research, branding and strategic planning? 

A.     OK, this one may seem like a bit of a stretch, but hear us out.  First of all, we only deal with one very specific type of car; 2007-14 Shelby GT500.  We’re experts, so we can assist GT500 owners build a modification roadmap that is easy to follow, cost-efficient and fun.  We’ve been involved with performance vehicles, modifications and motorsports for nearly 50 years!  We’ve made a lot of mistakes, wasted time and money, you name it….we’ve done it.  So, in the case of the GT500, the homework has been done.  We own one of the first GT500s built when they launched in 2006.  We’ve raced it, used it for research & development with manufacturers and custom calibrators and it’s become a benchmark for many other owner’s customizations.  “Christine” is incredibly well documented in print, on TV and is extremely well known on the GT500 internet forums and Facebook.  So, she’s our “mascot”.  “Christine” is all that needs to be said among the GT500 community and most know her well.

So, a strategic approach was taken to everything that has been done to her.  Even her use today as our mascot is a strategic use of an asset.  She has been marketed to the benefit of many aftermarket companies; from ones for which I have personally done work to those whose parts she ”wears” and she graces the cover of their catalogs and websites.  And as for “branding”, of the 53,000 GT500s built from 2007-14, she certainly would come up in the top tier for top of mind awareness.  She’s most certainly Venomous.