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Early in my career I had the good fortune to spend significant time with an executive of one of the world’s largest packaged good companies.  I have formal sales and management training through major players like the Gallup Organization but it was the threads of wisdom of this gentleman that continued to weave their way throughout my “official” training.  The principles sound simple and they are.  But defining the goals and strategies by which to achieve them is the heavy lifting.

One.  To get anyone to buy what you’re selling you have to show value to the customer.

Two.  To create value, you have to solve a problem for the customer.

Three.  The first one in , wins.  Almost 100% of the time.  But, they have to need what you’re selling.  It had better solve a problem.  It must have value.

How about your business?  What is your position in your marketplace? What problems are you solving?  Is their an opportunity to create added strength in numbers through strategic partnerships? 

Venomous Consulting, LLC can help you re-focus, identify opportunities and develop your personalize plan for building or reinforcing your brand.

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