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It’s all about value. 

EVERY product or service has to pass the “who cares” test. 

For the customer to care, you have to solve a problem for them.

During nearly 40 years in broadcast media, marketing, strategic research and sales we are always faced with these challenges.

Imagine, in a world of disposable ”appliances” and Alexa in every room, convincing a customer to choose one radio station over another in a market with over 50 choices.  It’s a daily exercise in solving problems and answering the question not only of “who cares” but “why do I care right now?”

These same challenges apply to your business.  What problems are you solving for your clients (and potential clients)?  Do they care about your business?  And do they care right now?

We offer you the methods by which to find the answers to these and other critical questions.

To move forward with efficiency and purpose we must first examine our past and where we are today.  Venomous Consulting, LLC can help you carve your path toward tomorrow.  Contact us today.

BJ McCarty, Strategist


Tiffany McCarty, President 


Now what?

Let’s talk about your goals, roadblocks, dreams what it takes to put your business into “drive”.

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