In order to know which path to take we must first examine our past and where we are today.

Let’s say you had a great year.  Do you know why?  Can you replicate it next year?  Can you surpass it?  You can if you know what got you there, what held you back from even greater success and in what ways you can grow for your future.

I use proven methods in which to ascertain your current state of affairs, identify and develop opportunities and uncover both internal and external roadblocks to your future success.

Strategic Planning Sessions are 1/2 day or full-day and are comprised of your key staff members.  These key-holders are critical to your success and this process builds team membership, heightens levels of personal responsibility and buy-in to the company’s mission.

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Marketing, Branding & Partnerships

Early in my career I had the good fortune to spend significant time with an executive of one of the world’s largest packaged good companies.  I have formal sales and management training through major players like the Gallup Organization but it was the threads of wisdom of this gentleman that continued to weave their way throughout my “official” training.  The principles sound simple and they are.  But defining the goals and strategies by which to achieve them is the heavy lifting.

One.  To get anyone to buy what you’re selling you have to show value to the customer.

Two.  To create value, you have to solve a problem for the customer.

Three.  The first one in , wins.  Almost 100% of the time.  But, they have to need what you’re selling.  It had better solve a problem.  It must have value.

How about your business?  What is your position in your marketplace? What problems are you solving?  Is their an opportunity to create added strength in numbers through strategic partnerships? 

Venomous Consulting, LLC can help you re-focus, identify opportunities and develop your personalize plan for building or reinforcing your brand.

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Shelby GT500 Personal Performance Plans

$249.00 for your own Personal Performance Plan for correctly and efficiently modifying your 2007-2014 Shelby GT500.

What do you get? 

A 1 hour call or meeting to discuss your current mods, wishes, dreams, goals, fuels used, environment and budget.  We’ll co-develop your Plan on that foundation.

A written Personal Performance Plan with Goals, parts, part numbers, preferred vendors, preferred calibrators (tuners) and for the Do-It-Yourself-er, a list of Best Practices for your installation.

Finally, I will provide you with an expert second set of eyes on your final datalog once everything is finished.

 But, I can find out what other people did by cruising Facebook and enthusiast forums!”

Sure, and some of it may actually be correct.  But which is right and which is wrong?  And exactly how much time do you have?  How many wrong parts do you want to buy and sell? 

Facebook is a wonderful social experiment.  But, in this case it’s like walking into a corner bar and telling a crowd of strangers that you just started playing golf and you want to shoot low 90s in two months….and asking them how to do it!  You’ll get lots of personal insight.  Some may even be correct.  But you’re still gonna have a slice unless you hire a professional to help guide you.

$249.00 to have an expert in your corner.  If you don’t save that much by buying the correct parts the first time, you’ll certainly save it by not spending all that time on the Internet!

I have owned a GT500 for over a decade.  I have modded it, tuned it, raced it, built the engine and done just about everything you can to the car and still drive it to McDonalds.  Numerous magazine and online articles have been written about “Christine”.  Here’s a sample.

Building a 930 HP GT500 on a budget

Evan Smith of REVan Media takes Christine for a drive

Please note that we do not sell parts nor tuning.  We do not accept advertising money from vendors.  We are your advocate and we work for you. 

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